Packing and Moving Artwork, Pictures & Frames

If you’re moving photos, large pieces of artwork or other framed prints, you need to know how to prepare them for moving so you don’t end up with broken glass or chipped frames.

Packing tips for moving:

When moving large pieces of artwork, it is best to pack each piece in a separate specialty box that is slightly larger than the frame you’re packing. If you can’t find specialty boxes, take apart a used box and flatten it. You’ll need a box that is bigger than the picture and frame. You will also need packing paper, linens,  bubble wrap or other soft material to wrap and protect the frame.Wrapping Pictures and Frames

(If you’re packing small photos and frames, and are packing them together into a moving box, I still recommend wrapping each one in packing paper.)

Lay out the packing paper flat on your work surface.  If you’re packing a large picture and frame, lay out the paper so the ends overlap to create a paper area that is at least twice the size of the frame.

Lay the frame  glass side down against the paper.  Wrap the ends of the paper around the frame just like a present.

Wrap the packing tape all the way around the frame both lengthwise and width wise.  This will ensure the paper stays in place during the move.

  You want to ensure the glass doesn’t break during the move.

Box It Up

If you’re using a specialty box, make sure you tape one end of the box closed.  Stand the box on the sealed end and gently slide the wrapped frame into the box. If you’re having a hard time getting it to fit, ask a friend or co-worker to help hold the box.

Label the outside of the box, on both sides “Fragile” and its location; living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc…

If you’re not using a specialty box, place the frame on top of the flatten box that you took apart earlier, and secure it using packing tape.  If the flat box is large enough that it can be bent around the frame, bend it then secure it with tape.  If the box won’t wrap, you can either cut the box up, creating individual cardboard pieces, or disassemble another box and use that to protect the exposed side.

I’ve also moved large pieces of artwork with securing cardboard to the glass side only and as long as you are careful, this works well. Blanket wrapping it, is always recommended.


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