How to protect furniture when moving

How to safely protect furniture when moving?

  • Use moving blankets and plastic wrap as needed.

Specially when it comes to delicate wooden furniture, there is no such thing as “too much” protection. It’s always better to be safe than sorry–when you’re wrapping up wooden furniture, do it as thoroughly as possible and cover every square inch of exposed wood. Feel free to wrap it multiple times if you have to.

  • Do NOT wrap wooden furniture only in bubble wrap or plastic shrink wrap. If you want to use bubble or plastic wrap as an extra line of defense, place a layer of moving blankets or furniture pads beneath it so that the plastic does not come in direct contact with the wood. Wood is an organic material, which means it needs to breathe. Smothering it in layer after layer of plastic wrap can be very damaging to the furniture’s wood surface.


  • Use cardboard boxes to protect furniture with glass doors
  • Secure any drawers and remove all knobs and other small pieces that can come loose. Some wood furniture, especially older antique pieces, are equipped with small parts that can easily come dislodged during a move, such as drawer handles, knobs, and casters. Before wrapping the furniture, remove all of these pieces and safely pack them away in a brown envelope or zip lock bag. If there are any drawers or cabinets on the piece, tie them shut with twine. Place some padding underneath it to prevent the coarse twine from directly coming into the contact with the wood. NEVER tape any drawers or doors shut on a piece of wood furniture.
  • Blankets and plastic wrap are the best combination when it comes to wrapping furniture correctly:


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